Prestige de Luxe

Prestige de Luxe

The Prestige De Luxe range provides a final touch of elegance to underline the quality of your window and showcase displays. Symbols are presented in 3D and slope gently backwards to facilitate viewing from the front and above. Finished in a metallic effect, these durable and high-quality price cubes are often used to embellish jewellery, watches, fashionable garments and luxury brands.

Prestige De Luxe cubes are available in a choice of colours. We offer numeric starter kits of 640 pieces, for about 120 prices, or 260 pieces, for about 60 prices. Kits are available with either “00” or “.-” end cubes. Replacement or extra symbols are available for all variations.

Currency symbols are not included in the kits. Please remember to add your desired currency symbol, or any extra symbols you require, to your basket.

Features For 6 mm Mini

  • Cube size (width x length x height): 4 mm x 3 mm x 6 mm1
  • Symbol colours: Gold or Silver

Features For 8 mm Standard

  • Cube size (width x length x height): 4.5 mm x 6 mm x 8 mm1
  • Symbol colours: Gold, Silver and Matt Silver

Features For 14 mm Maxi

  • Cube size (width x length x height): 8 mm x 8 mm x 14 mm1
  • Symbol colours: Gold or Silver

Symbols Available

  • Currency: British Pound, Euro, US Dollar and Japanese Yen
  • Numeric: 0 to 9
  • End cubes: “00”, “.-” (dot dash) and 02

1 All dimensions are approximate.
2 Not available in 14 mm Maxi.

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