Pricing Systems and Price Holders

Pricing Systems and Price Holders

The selling process starts with an eye-pleasing presentation of merchandise and prices.  Clear, attractive pricing can enhance your product’s presentation and increase its value perception. The customer gains vital information at a glance and is persuaded to enter the store. Lansa offers you a subtle and stylish system with its signature collection of price cubes, displays and holders. We have become the worldwide benchmark for pricing in luxury markets for 80 years.

Price Displays

Lansa's extensive range of price display cubes enables you to price more effectively. With Lansa, you can match colours and backgrounds to the article being displayed and create endless combinations of numbers and letters. The Lansa system of interlocking cubes provides unlimited display possibilities. When a price change is required it is as simple as adding, changing, or removing a cube. Thanks to the outstanding precision of these cubes you can use and re-use a huge variety of combinations year after year.

Price Holders

To enhance your presentation we provide a range price of holders in a variety of different colours and shapes.

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