Gemplus Multi Plus

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Product Overview

The GemTrue™ Multi Plus is one of the smallest multi testers available. The handheld Multi Plus uses advanced thermal electrical conductivity to test for diamond and moissanite; a man made stone which has the same thermal conductivity as diamond and registers as diamond on many diamond testers. The Multi Plus helps to accurately distinguish between diamond and moissanite. The tester will also detect semi-precious stones such as rubies and safaris and show an indication for these types of stones. The tester requires a 9V PP3 type battery, which is not included.


  • Dimensions: 150 mm x 33 mm x 23 mm; 6.81 in x 1.25 in x 0.91 in
  • Weight (including battery): 80 g; 0.18 lb
  • Battery Type: 9V PP3 battery (not included)
  • Operating temperature: 18 °C - 28 °C; 64 °F - 82 °F