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Product Overview

A unique pricing system which is unmatched within todays pricing solutions. Inspired by our Prestige De Luxe style, Lumina brings the characters alive by molding them out from the traditional cube. A contemporary look which will embellish merchandise and complete your display.

LANSA price cube kits do not come with any currency symbols. However, they can be purchased at the Lumina – Individual Symbol Packs page. If you are looking to top-up other symbols, please also see Lumina – Individual Symbol Packs page.

If these are of interest, please see our other non-traditional price cube styles such as Prestige De Luxe – Kits, Prisma – Kits and Turn – Kits.

Additional Lumina Kit Information:

  • Kits available with either “.-“ or “00” end cubes.
  • Price cube dimensions available in Mini 9mm or Standard 14mm.
  • Sold in either 260-piece (for about 60 prices) or 640-piece (for about 120 prices) kits. Breakdown of symbol quantities can be seen below:

Lumina Boxes Composition