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Product Overview

When looking to advertise larger products, LANSA’s Medium price cubes are the go-to for amplifying any displays. Usually accompanying handbags, shoes or artwork – the Medium range follows the ‘Retro’ font design, in turn displaying clear product information.

LANSA price cube kits do not come with any currency symbols. However, they can be purchased at the Medium – Individual Symbol Packs page. If you are looking to top-up specific symbols, please also see the Medium – Individual Symbol Packs page. Also available for the Medium price cubes are the LANSA Support Pins.

A single Medium price cube is 7x9mm. If this size is a perfect fit, but you are looking for brighter colours, please visit Medium ‘Fluo’ – Kits. For a similar size, but different style, please see Mini Lumina – Kits. If the Medium size is too big, a smaller version can be viewed at Norma – Kits. Alternatively, the next size up from Medium is Super – Kits.

To further enhance your display a Medium alphabet version is also available, and can be viewed at our Medium – Alphabet Kits.

Additional Medium Kit Information:

  • Colours available (Cube / Text):
  • White / Black
  • White / Gold
  • Black / White
  • Black / Gold
  • Grey / White
  • Clear / Black (Negative Print)
  • Clear / Black (Positive Print)
  • Clear / Blue (Negative Print)


  • Kits available with either “.-“ or “00” end cubes.
  • Sold in either 260-piece (for about 60 prices) or 640-piece (for about 120 prices) kits. Breakdown of symbol quantities can be seen below: