Norma - Individual Symbol Packs

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Product Overview

Used globally in the fashion, museum, art and other sectors the Norma price cube is incorporated into window displays to add style and product information. The cubes are partially truncated along the bottom edge to allow them to stand at an angle which allows viewing from the front and above. The display face is overlaid with the symbol in a contrasting colour.

Replacement or additional cubes are available for all the symbols in the range in packs of 20 or 100 pieces.


  • Cube size (width x length x height): 5 mm x 8 mm x 6 mm1
  • Face size: 6 mm
  • Background colours: Black, White and Clear
  • Symbol colours: Gold, Black, White and Blue
  • Pack size: 20 pieces or 100 pieces
  • Compatible accessories: Norma Price Support

Symbols Available

  • Currency: British Pound, Euro, US Dollar and Japanese Yen
  • Numeric: 0 - 9, blank space, blank end and “.” (dot)
  • End cubes: 02, 52, 92, 25, 50, 95, 992, 00 and “.-” (dot dash)

1 All dimensions are approximate.