Norma Individual Symbol Pack

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Product Overview

Being used globally in the fashion, museum, art and other industries – the Norma price cube is incorporated into window displays, to add style and product information. Designed with a more ‘Retro’ styled font, the Norma range is available in a scope of different colour combinations.

For the Norma 260-piece or 640-piece kits, they can be found on the Norma – Kits page. Also available for the Norma price cube range are the LANSA Price Support and Norma Support Pins.

One Norma price cube is 5x6mm. If this size is a perfect fit, but you are looking for brighter colours, please visit Norma ‘Fluo’ – Kits. For a similar size, but different style, please see Prisma – Kits.

Smaller price cubes similar to Norma can be viewed at Mini Relief – Kits. Alternatively, the next size up from Norma is Medium – Kits. 

To purchase top-up packs for the Norma Alphabet cubes, please see Norma – Alphabet Individual Letter Packs.

Additional Norma Individual Symbol Pack Information:

  • Colours available (Cube / Text):
  • White / Black
  • White / Gold
  • Black / White
  • Black / Gold
  • Grey / White
  • Clear / Black (Negative Print)
  • Clear / Black (Positive Print)
  • Clear / Blue (Negative Print)


  • Sold in either packs of 20 or 100 of same symbol (digit, currency or final)