Prestige - Individual Symbol Packs

*Price is VAT Exclusive

Product Overview

Being the same cube style as Prestige De Luxe, this Prestige range offers several less-glitz colours which allow for a unique and modern display enhancement, suitable for all types of products. Such as jewellery / watches, fashionable garments, and luxury brands.

For the Prestige 260-piece or 640-piece kits, they can be found on the Prestige – Kits page. Also available for the Prestige and Prestige De Luxe price cube range is the LANSA Price Support.

If you are interested in the Prestige style but prefer metallic colours, please view Prestige De Luxe – Kits. Another similar style of the Prestige collection is the Lumina – Kits range.

Additional Prestige De Luxe Kit Information:

  • Colour choice of Black, White, Silver-Grey, and Bronze
  • Price cube height available in Mini 6mm, Standard 8mm, or Maxi 14mm
  • Sold in either packs of 20 or 100 of same symbol (digit, currency or final)