Super Alphabet Individual Symbol Pack

*Price is VAT Exclusive

Product Overview

To further the possibilities, versatility, and information of any window display, LANSA also provides alphabet cubes. For optimum visibility, this range offers you the largest cubes, numbers and letters in our entire collection. With a similar ‘Retro’ font styling and cube design to the Norma and Medium collections, the Supers can be used with a variety of POS environment and products.

A single Super cube is 10x12mm. This is the biggest ‘traditional’ price cube LANSA creates, however for smaller versions of the Super range, please see Medium Alphabet – Kits or Norma Alphabet – Kits.

To purchase a complete 260-piece set, please see Super Alphabet – Kits.


Additional Super Alphabet Individual Letter Pack Information:

  • Sold in either packs of 20 or 100 of same Letter